Back in the day, 1 kW PSUs were a prerogative of rather extreme high-end desktops carrying an overclocked CPU, a couple of graphics cards, several hard drives, and loads of other parts. Although there is a trend towards miniaturization of high-performance PCs, there is also a trend towards increasing their performance. Trying to strike a balance between smaller dimensions and higher power delivery, SilverStone has developed a 1 kW SFX-L PSU.

SilverStone’s SST-SX1000-LPT is the world’s first SFX-L power supply that's rated for 1000 W. This is a fully modular PSU featuring compliant with the ATX 2.4 as well as EPS (presumably v2.92) specifications, and features a full suite of power connectors, ranging from ATX and EPS (for HEDT systems) to multiple power plugs for PCIe graphics cards and as SATA drives.

The PSU can deliver up to 83.3 A over its 12V rail to power-hungry components, which is naturally its main selling feature. Another one is, of course, its high capacity for its size. The SX1000 has a 969 W per liter power-to-volume ratio, which SilverStone's highest to date. And even with all the work to build an electrically dense PSU, SilverStone hasn't skimped on overall power efficiency either; the active PFC PSU is 80 Plus Platinum badged.

While SilverStone’s SST-SX1000-LPT PSU was demonstrated at this year's Computex, it is still pretty far from release. The company is looking at Q1 2020 as a possible release timeframe, with pricing information expected around that time as well.

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  • umano - Sunday, June 23, 2019 - link

    Ehi Stalph we are on the same page with a lot of people it seems, but as you already noticed there are no x570 itx board with 2 m2, thunderbolt and 10gbe. Maybe we need to wait the next threadripper and get a microatx mb.
  • powerwiz - Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - link

    Why ATX? Because he/she stinking wants it. Thats the only reason that you require.
  • Spunjji - Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - link

    It's a fair question to ask when they're commenting on a PSU that is designed for *small form factor* systems. ATX motherboard and small form factor systems are not compatible concepts.
  • Dragonstongue - Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - link

    ah ha touche.
    that is the only thing need be said
    if there was a reason, any, that is the only reason "good enough" LOL.

    on another note, most anything under ATX suffer in regards to VRM design and the like, which often ATX not have to "dick around with" due to having the space required (not counting when the maker cruds around and makes lots of usable space all kinds of fubar)

    there are not "all that many" motherboards under full size ATX dimensions that even I with a single GPU and a few hard drive/SSD would purchase with my $ (not paying extra for RGB crap that I will NEVER use (do not want it)
  • Dug - Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - link

    When asking to save space, then asking why atx is a legitimate question. The more information a person has, then a more appropriate answer can be given. Wanting it and all that is required, is an ignorant response. Obviously the person asking the question doesn't know everything, or they wouldn't be asking the question.
    In any case, because the question was asked, a response to have a smaller mb with tb sdi was given that maybe the op didn't realize, and would solve the space issue.
  • Sancus - Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - link

    I'm surprised you'd recommend Cerberus to someone who specifically wants full ATX, and not Cerberus-X, which is a mere 2 inches taller and otherwise the same dimensions.

    Both are great cases(I personally own non-x Cerberus) but Cerb-X has the distinction of being the smallest ATX case on the market.
  • Spunjji - Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - link

    ATX cases tend to have ATX PSUs. If you want the system to be small and luggable (and for there to be any point in using an SFX-L PSU) you'll need to move down to mATX at least. Basically your list of requirements contains some mutually contradictory elements, so you'd need to sacrifice one or more of those.
  • notashill - Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - link

    Maybe the Corsair 400Q? Or you can get a custom made case from somewhere like Protocase.
  • JoeyJoJo123 - Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - link

    The smallest full featured ATX "carryable" case was the CaseLabs Bullet BH8. 363mm x 321mm x 381mm, 44.3L, integrated handles and supported all 7 pci-e slots to be usable and up 6 hard drives.

    The smallest ATX slim case (which only has 2 usable PCI-e slots via a riser cable) is the Thermaltake G3. 454mm x 140mm x 371mm, 23.6L.

    If you're OK with non-ATX but just need dual GPU in MicroATX (FYI, less and less manufacturers are supporting this form factor), the recent Cerberus is an option. 319mm x 172mm x 358mm, 19.6L.

    I think there's also a few ther dual gpu minicase designs out on SFF Forums, as well. I can't find the name of it though. I don't think it's been released though. It might have the Chimera MachOne.
  • Sancus - Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - link

    Cerberus-X is the equally great ATX version of Cerberus that adds 2 inches of height to accommodate ATX. It is otherwise the same size as Cerberus.

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