HD Video Decoding on GPUs with VLC 1.1.0

VLC 1.1.0 was released on Jun 22, 2010. Since the monolithic VLC bundle obviates the necessity for installing external codec packs, it is an indispensable install for many HTPC...

75 by Ganesh T S on 6/25/2010

Media Streamer Platforms Roundup

A few months back, Anandtech carried the review of the Patriot Box Office media streamer. Pursuant to a very good reception from readers, we have decided to start a...

120 by Ganesh T S on 6/13/2010

The 2010 Google I/O Developer Conference Roundup

The 2010 Google I/O Developer Conference concluded last week in San Francisco. Of the multitude of announcements made, there were three important developments from a consumer perspective. These include Announcement...

22 by Ganesh T S on 5/28/2010

Apple's Intrinsity Acquisition: Winners and Losers

Intrinsity is not a name immediately recognized by today's average consumer. However, keen followers of the application processor market recognize its claim to fame as the firm behind the...

24 by Ganesh T S on 4/28/2010

Smartphone Silicon: The 2010 CTIA Wireless Show Roundup

With the exception of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series announcements over the past couple of months, the smartphone market hasn't really been all that interesting. We're at a transition...

24 by Ganesh T S on 3/31/2010

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