IRQ Usage

  • Auto-detects PnP Cards after HDD Detection


BIOS Settings

5SIM Chipset Features Setup
Item FPM EDO/SDRAM 60/66MHz Bus EDO/SDRAM 75/83MHz Bus Safe
Auto Configuration: Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
SRAM Back-to-Back: Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
NA# Enable: Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
Starting Point of Paging: 1T 1T 2T 4T
Refresh Cycle Time (us): 15.6 15.6 15.6 15.6
RAS Pulse Width Refresh: 6T 4T 5T 7T
RAS Precharge Time: 4T 2T 3T 4T
RAS to CAS Delay: 4T 2T 2T 5T
CAS# Pulse Width (FP): 2T 1T 1T 1T
CAS# Pulse Width (EDO): 2T 1T 1T 2T
CAS Precharge Time (FP): 2T 1T/2T 1T/2T 2T
CAS Precharge Time (EDO): 2T 1T/2T 1T/2T 2T
SDRAM CAS Latency: 3T 2T 3T 3T
SDRAM WR Retire Rate: X-2-2-2 X-1-1-1 X-2-2-2 X-2-2-2
SDRAM Wait State Control: 1WS 0WS 1WS 1WS
Read Prefetch Memory RD: Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
CPU to PCI Post Write: 3T 3T 3T Disabled
CPU to PCI Burst Mem. WR: Enabled Enabled Enabled Disabled
ISA Bus Clock Frequency: PCICLK/4 PCICLK/4 PCICLK/4 PCICLK/4
System BIOS Cacheable: Enabled Enabled Enabled Disabled
Video BIOS Cacheable: Enabled Enabled Enabled Disabled
Memory Hole at 15M-16M: Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
Hardware Reset Protect: Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
Flash BIOS Protection: Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled


Recommended SDRAM

This little addition to my review layout was put in here just so you all can have an idea of what brand of SDRAM I recommend and have tested with the board, just to avoid problems in the future if you decide to purchase the board.

Recommended SDRAM: Advanced Megatrends SDRAM; Corsair SDRAM; SmarTech SDRAM
SDRAM Tested: 2 x 32MB Advanced Megatrends SDRAM DIMMs; 2 x 32MB SmarTech SDRAM DIMMs; 2 x 32MB Corsair SDRAM DIMMs

Manufacturer: Advanced Megatrends
Purchase Web-Site:

Manufacturer: Corsair Microsystems
Purchase Web-Site:

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  • Beverlyalcock - Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - link

    Wonderful post.This is nice post and provides full information. i prefer to browse this post as a result of I met such a lot of new facts concerning it really.Thanks loads. I bookmark your web log as a result of I found superb info on your web log, Thanks for sharing Reply
  • pale738821 - Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - link

    The Chaintech 5SIM is only available in an AT form factor, meaning that all of you ATX advocates are out of luck. You will find that the 5SIM's design is quite cramped compared to most, especially if you're installing it in a mini-tower case. Reply

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