Chaintech 5SDA

by Anand Lal Shimpi on July 2, 1997 1:35 PM EST
IRQ Usage

  • Auto-detects PnP Cards after HDD Detection


BIOS Settings

5SDA Chipset Features Setup
BIOS Revision: 07/22/97-SiS-5598-2A5II39C-00
Item FPM EDO/SDRAM 60/66MHz Bus EDO/SDRAM 75/83MHz Bus Safe
Auto Configuration: Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
SRAM Back-to-Back: Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
NA# Enable: Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
Starting Point of Paging: 1T 1T 2T 4T
Refresh Cycle Time (us): 15.6 15.6 15.6 15.6
RAS Pulse Width Refresh: 6T 4T 5T 7T
RAS Precharge Time: 4T 2T 3T 4T
RAS to CAS Delay: 4T 2T 2T 5T
CAS# Pulse Width (FP): 2T 1T 1T 1T
CAS# Pulse Width (EDO): 2T 1T 1T 2T
CAS Precharge Time (FP): 2T 1T/2T 1T/2T 2T
CAS Precharge Time (EDO): 2T 1T/2T 1T/2T 2T
SDRAM CAS Latency: 3T 2T 3T 3T
SDRAM WR Retire Rate: X-2-2-2 X-1-1-1 X-2-2-2 X-2-2-2
SDRAM Wait State Control: 1WS 0WS 1WS 1WS
Read Prefetch Memory RD: Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
CPU to PCI Post Write: 3T 3T 3T Disabled
CPU to PCI Burst Mem. WR: Enabled Enabled Enabled Disabled
ISA Bus Clock Frequency: PCICLK/4 PCICLK/4 PCICLK/4 PCICLK/4
System BIOS Cacheable: Enabled Enabled Enabled Disabled
Video BIOS Cacheable: Enabled Enabled Enabled Disabled
Memory Hole at 15M-16M: Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
VGA Shared Memory Size: 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB 0.5 MB
VGA Memory Clock (MHz): 55 55 55 55
Flash BIOS Protection: Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled


Recommended SDRAM

This little addition to my review layout was put in here just so you all can have an idea of what brand of SDRAM I recommend and have tested with the board, just to avoid problems in the future if you decide to purchase the board.

Recommended SDRAM: Advanced Megatrends SDRAM; Corsair SDRAM; SmarTech SDRAM
SDRAM Tested: 2 x 32MB Advanced Megatrends SDRAM DIMMs; 2 x 32MB SmarTech SDRAM DIMMs; 2 x 32MB Corsair SDRAM DIMMs

Manufacturer: Advanced Megatrends
Purchase Web-Site:

Manufacturer: Corsair Microsystems
Purchase Web-Site:

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