Hot Chips has gone virtual this year! Lots of talks on lots of products, including Tiger Lake, Xe, POWER10, Xbox Series X, TPUv3, and a special Raja Koduri Keynote. Stay tuned at AnandTech for our live blogs as we commentate on each talk.

Microsoft Fall 2018 Event Live Blog (4pm ET, 8pm UTC)

It's about that time of year again. It's time for Microsoft's fall event of 2018, imaginatively titled the 'Oct. 2 Event' and described in advance in just as much...

21 by Nate Oh on 10/2/2018

Microsoft Office 365 Home Update: More Users And More Sign-ins

For those that are subscribed to Office 365 Home, Microsoft has announced that they are updating the contract to allow more users to access the subscription, and they’re updating...

36 by Brett Howse on 9/3/2018

Microsoft Launches Xbox All Access

Microsoft has taken the wraps off a new way to get into the Xbox ecosystem with Xbox All Access. For $21.99 per month for two years, you can get...

14 by Brett Howse on 8/28/2018

Hot Chips 2018: Microsoft Azure Sphere Live Blog (5:30pm PT, 12:30am UTC)

For the security section of Hot Chips, the first talk is from Microsoft on their Azure Sphere, which is an end-to-end solution for securing microcontroller powered devices with the cloud.

1 by Ian Cutress on 8/20/2018

VirtualLink USB-C Alt Mode Announced: Standardized Connector for VR Headsets

While PC VR headsets are fun, no one has especially enjoyed the number of cables required to hook one up. With separate video, power, and data cables, the end...

50 by Ryan Smith on 7/17/2018

Microsoft Announces The Surface Go: Smaller And Less Expensive

Just over three years since the launch of the surprisingly good Surface 3, Microsoft has finally refreshed this category with a new device, now called the Surface Go. The...

112 by Brett Howse on 7/9/2018

HDMI Forum Demonstrates HDMI 2.1 VRR Capabilities on Samsung TV

Dynamic refresh rate technologies like AMD’s FreeSync and NVIDIA’s G-Sync have become de-facto standards for gaming PCs and displays. Last year the HDMI Forum introduced a more industry-standard approach...

44 by Anton Shilov on 6/20/2018

The Windows 10 April Update (1803): The Littlest Big Update

We’re about three years into Windows 10, and we’ve seen a lot of changes to the OS, as well as the servicing model, in those three years. The move...

164 by Brett Howse on 5/25/2018

Microsoft Announces The Surface Hub 2

Three years ago Microsoft announced the Surface Hub, which was their new device for reinventing the conference room. It was a beast of a machine, at up to 280...

5 by Brett Howse on 5/15/2018

Latest Windows 10 Version Incompatible With Intel SSD 600p

Microsoft has advised that the most recent version of Windows 10—version 1803, codenamed Redstone 4—is currently incompatible with the Intel SSD 600p and the related Intel SSD Pro 6000p...

32 by Billy Tallis on 5/11/2018

Microsoft Build 2018: Developing Around Windows

This morning is the kickoff for Microsoft’s annual developer conference, with keynotes highlighting the next year in Microsoft. In the last several years we’ve seen the Redmond based company...

48 by Brett Howse on 5/7/2018

Windows 10 April Update Set For May Rollout

Microsoft has officially made available the Windows 10 April Update today, with a broader rollout to start on May 8th. Originally set to launch a couple of weeks ago...

12 by Brett Howse on 4/30/2018

Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox April Update: FreeSync And More

Although we’ve not yet gotten an official launch date for the latest version of Windows 10, Microsoft’s Xbox team has once again beat them to the punch with a...

14 by Brett Howse on 4/25/2018

Expanding DirectX 12: Microsoft Announces DirectX Raytracing

To many out there it may seem like DirectX 12 is still a brand-new technology – and in some ways it still is – but in fact we’ve now...

34 by Ryan Smith on 3/19/2018

Microsoft Details Windows Machine Learning for Gaming

In a day filled with all sorts of game development-related API and framework news, Microsoft also has an AI-related announcement for the day. Parallel to today’s DirectX Raytracing announcement...

6 by Ryan Smith on 3/19/2018

Microsoft and AMD to Bring FreeSync 2 Support to Xbox One S and Xbox One X This Spring

Over the weekend, Microsoft and AMD made a somewhat unexpected announcement on the debut of their new Inside Xbox show: AMD FreeSync 2 support will be coming to the...

27 by Nate Oh on 3/12/2018

Microsoft Announces AI Platform for Windows Developers: Machine Learning On The Edge

Today Microsoft is hosting a developer day, and one of the highlights they are showcasing is a new API called WinML. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of...

10 by Brett Howse on 3/7/2018

Microsoft Announces Q2 FY 2018 Earnings

This afternoon, Microsoft announced their earnings for the second quarter of their 2018 fiscal year. The company had revenues of $28.9 billion for the quarter, which is up 12%...

6 by Brett Howse on 1/31/2018

The AnandTech Podcast, Episode 44: Gaming in 2017, Gaming in 2018

In this podcast we talk about PUBG and the other gaming highlights of 2017, as well as a look towards what is in store for gaming in 2018, from...

85 by Ian Cutress on 1/27/2018

The ASUS NovaGo: Two Minutes with Snapdragon 835 and Windows

LAS VEGAS, NV – Late last year, at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Event in Hawaii, we had the formal introduction of the first devices that were using the new Windows...

76 by Ian Cutress on 1/17/2018

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