Samsung's second-generation QLC NAND is here, but it's still held back by a SATA interface. The new Samsung 870 QVO is probably big enough to be your only SSD, but may not be fast enough to satisfy.

Intel Teases Upcoming QLC SSD For Datacenters

Intel has started production of their first datacenter PCIe SSD using QLC 3D NAND flash memory, which stores four bits per memory cell. This isn't a full product announcement...

6 by Billy Tallis on 7/19/2018

Samsung Begins Mass Production Of 96L 3D NAND

Samsung has started mass production of their fifth generation of 3D NAND flash memory, which they brand as V-NAND. This new generation bumps the layer count from 64 up...

26 by Billy Tallis on 7/9/2018

The AnandTech Podcast, Episode 48: Computex 2018

Wrapping up Computex 2018 with discussions about AMD's Threadripper 2 with 32 cores, Intel's new limited edition Core i7-8086K, and that really odd 28-core 5 GHz demo where Intel...

20 by Ian Cutress on 6/15/2018

We Found a Prototype 4 TB Intel QLC SSD

The storage industry is getting exciting again. In order to increase capacity of NAND SSDs and lower costs, there are two different routes being taken: either increase the number...

47 by Anton Shilov on 6/9/2018

Intel QLC NAND Updates: Up to 20TB In 2.5-inch SSD

While today's Intel event was mostly focused on the announcement of their Optane DIMMs, they have also provided updates on their plans for using their new QLC NAND flash...

27 by Billy Tallis on 5/30/2018

Intel And Micron Launch First QLC NAND: Micron 5210 ION Enterprise SATA SSD

Intel and Micron are announcing today that their jointly-developed QLC NAND flash memory is now available, and Micron is now shipping the first solid state drive based on QLC...

38 by Billy Tallis on 5/21/2018

Silicon Motion Roadmap: Lots Of NVMe SSD Controllers

At Flash Memory Summit (FMS) this month, Silicon Motion demonstrated several of their upcoming NVMe SSD controllers and engineers presented several of the technologies Silicon Motion has developed for...

6 by Billy Tallis on 8/25/2017

Toshiba's 768Gb 3D QLC NAND Flash Memory: Matching TLC at 1000 P/E Cycles?

Toshiba last week announced its first 3D NAND flash memory chips featuring QLC (quadruple level cell) BiCS architecture. The new components feature 64 layers and developers of SSDs and...

37 by Anton Shilov on 7/3/2017

Western Digital Announce BiCS4 3D NAND: 96 Layers, TLC & QLC, Up to 1 Tb per Chip

Western Digital on Tuesday formally announced its fourth-generation 3D NAND memory, developed as part of the Western Digital/Toshiba joint venture. The fourth-generation BiCS NAND flash chips from Western Digital...

22 by Anton Shilov on 6/28/2017

Marvell Announces NVMe Controller for DRAM-Less PCIe 3.0 x2 SSDs

Marvell has announced its new controller for affordable and miniature SSDs, the 88NV1160. The chip can be used to build small form-factor SSDs in M.2 as well as BGA...

25 by Anton Shilov on 8/17/2016

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