Currently, only two foundries offer their customers 3 nm and 4 nm-class process technologies: TSMC and Samsung Foundry. But business media sometimes blames Samsung Foundry for mediocre yields on leading-edge nodes, which cannot be verified. But a set of recent reports claim that Samsung is now at a point where they are shipping their first GAAFET-based 3 nm chips to commercial customers, and that the yields of Samsung's 3 nm and 4 nm-class nodes are in decent shape overall. Samsung Foundry's 4 nm-class process technology yield is now higher than 75%. In contrast, yields of chips on SF3E (3nm-class, gate-all-around early) now exceeds 60%, according to estimates in a report from Hi Investment & Securities, a member of DGB Financial Group, reports Kmib.co.kr. The same...

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