Strix Point

Further to the announcement that AMD is refreshing their Phoenix-based 7040HS series for mobiles with the newer 'Hawk Point' 8040HS family for 2024, AMD is set to drive more development for AI within the PC market. Designed to provide a more holistic end-user experience for adopters of hardware with the Ryzen AI NPU, AMD has made its latest version of the Ryzen AI Software available to the broader ecosystem. This is designed to allow software developers to deploy machine learning models into their software to deliver more comprehensive features in tandem with their Ryzen AI NPU and Microsoft Windows 11. AMD has also officially announced the successor to their first generation of the Ryzen AI (XDNA), which is currently in AMD's Ryzen 7040HS mobile series...

Updated AMD Notebook Roadmap: Zen 4 on 4nm in 2023, Zen 5 By End of 2024

As we've come to expect during AMD's Financial Analyst Day (FAD), we usually get small announcements about big things coming in the future. This includes updated product roadmaps for...

23 by Gavin Bonshor on 6/9/2022

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