PMI4200 Gold

PMI provides the Turbo Memory in both Dual-Channel kits and as single-modules. They also provide each speed in Gold and Platinum ratings, much as OCZ uses for their memory modules.

The memory that we are testing is PMI4200-1024DG, or a Dual-Channel Gold kit rated at 3-4-4-8 timings. There is no doubt that PMI has done their homework, providing a very attractive and catchy heatspreader design in either gold or platinum with a raised PMI logo. That attention to detail also shows in the PMI website where product lines and compatibility charts are particularly easy to navigate. PMI is also getting their product into some well-known resellers like Atacom and New Egg to make it easier to find.

All of these things make it easier for buyers to find PMI memory, but in the end, any memory that targets the computer enthusiast is all about performance. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at PMI DDR533.

PMI4200 Gold Specifications

 PMI4200 Gold Memory Specifications
Number of DIMMs & Banks 2 DS
Total Memory
512 Mb
1 GB
Rated Timings 3-4-4-8 at DDR533
Rated Voltage 2.7V

PMI provides compatibility testing with many motherboards and provides that information at their website. They also use CTML memory certification testing, at least in their server memory series.

Index Performance Test Configuration


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  • Wesley Fink - Thursday, March 25, 2004 - link

    #2 -
    As I have explained several times, as Editors we can't do a thing about the lack of bar color. We want it as much as you do. Our current Graphing Engine which is used to generate the Java Charts does not have that capability. We have been promised this WILL be an option in an upcoming upgrade to the Graphing Engine.

    We use Java charts because they use less bandwidth than any other charting option. If you look at the traffic on AnandTech you can appreciate how precious ANY bandwidth savings is to us - and to your browsing speed.

    Write Anand or Jason Clark with your complaints. I do understand the charts would be MUCH more readable if the reviewed item was in a different color. Unfortunately I can't do a thing about it - but Anand and Jason can.
  • bldkc - Thursday, March 25, 2004 - link

    Are you guys too cheap to buy a new box of crayons or what? Would it kill you to have colored the PMI bar red on the graphs? Could I please just get an explanation so I can quit complaining about this every time you post a new article? Why is my dinghy smaller after I go swimming? Why cant I buy pork boullion? Why cant I buy toast in the store? I think you guys are smart enough to answer all of these questions but you are too stingy to share your genius. Elitists! Reply
  • Praeludium - Thursday, March 25, 2004 - link

    Now if only XGI had had this kind of showing...

    Funny how the memory sector has gotten so competitive lately. It seems as though just a year ago my only choices were Corsair, Geil, Kingston, or Samsung; of those four, Corsair was the top. Either I missed all the other competitors, or they just weren't as highly ranked as they are now.

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