It's now been nearly a month since we launched the biggest redesign in AnandTech history. Monday we'll be celebrating our 13 year anniversary and it'll start with our most expensive system giveaway to date. I've also received product from ASRock, G.Skill, OCZ and Patriot to give away in addition to celebrate both the relaunch and the anniversary of AT. It's going to be an exciting month ahead of us.

If you haven't noticed, we've been introducing new features and fixing bugs since we launched the new site a month ago and I wanted to give you all a quick update on everything we've done.

First and foremost, Print this Article functionality has been restored. It was always on the list, it just didn't make the cut for launch. We've also brought back inline Gallery listing, enabled tagging, fixed a handful of bugs and issues that you've brought up and have more coming.

Expect galleries, commenting and the front page to all get much more flexible in the coming weeks. I'm talking about in-line responses in the comments section (no more page loads to respond to a comment) as well as the option to compress down the front page to a simpler listing for those who want it. In the interim we've changed our backend a bit to not put all articles by default into the carousel up top. What you'll see up there are our biggest reviews/news stories, while the smaller stuff (this just in, any smaller news, etc...) will appear in the listing below.

I do appreciate your patience as we implement the new features and changes we've got coming, and we'll be showing some of that appreciation next week with these giveaways :)

As always, if you've got any feedback feel free to contact us or leave a comment. We're always listening.



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  • blyndy - Saturday, April 24, 2010 - link

    I find it unintuitive to have an individual post on the front page show up as text, image and then more text, as it throws off the visual cue for the next post. It would be better to have it as image and then text.

    ...I just remembered, I HATE it when I read a post on the front page then decide to go into it only to find the text I was just reading (that I may or may not have read all of) isnt at the start of the article. I think the main page should have a blurb of whatever length, which is duplicated on the top of the article page in a smaller and/or bold font.

    Also the 'read more' link should probably be on the right, as it currently looks more associated with the post heading succeeding it.
  • blyndy - Sunday, April 25, 2010 - link

    To clarify, I think a single post should consist of

    1. heading
    2. image
    3. text

    and not

    1. heading
    2. text
    3. image
    4. text
  • IlllI - Saturday, April 24, 2010 - link

    please tell me that eventually you will make the visual abomination (AKA the forums) better.

    ever since you guys switched to the new 'revamped' forum i've lost almost all interest in going there. its just too nasty to look at and browse. the old one was much more refined in my opinion. the new one looks like something generic from 1995

  • Sebec - Saturday, April 24, 2010 - link

    I enjoy having the Dailytech links on the side, but could you make it so clicking on one doesn't force it to open in a new window? If I wanted that function, I would do it myself. Also, I visit there after I'm done reading Anandtech for the moment anyway, so forcing it to open in a new window doesn't make sense. Sure, I could open it in a new tab, but that's only a partial solution. Reply
  • Glassmaster - Sunday, April 25, 2010 - link

    I miss the "more Dailytech stories" link and page that you could click on if you hadn't visited in a while and wanted to catch up (I don't really like the Dailytech website itself for this, is it too complicated) where the past stories were listed. Therefore I always read Dailytech stories linked from the Anandtech site. Reply
  • MadMan007 - Saturday, April 24, 2010 - link

    Kill that thing already please. It's quite rediculous that it takes up a full core (25%+ CPU usage) on a Q9550@ 3.6GHz! If you really want it that badly figure out a way to code it that is actually efficient. Reply
  • ianmit - Sunday, April 25, 2010 - link

    1. Like the new format but agree with suggestion removing horizontal scrolling and smaller images.

    2. As you cater for an international audience, please have international give aways including Australia.

    3, Please include Flight Sim as a regular benchmark tool. There are thousands of us keen to see how new hardware would specifically affect Flight Sim.

  • blyndy - Sunday, April 25, 2010 - link

    I agree, international giveaways/comps! US-only is a bit alienating.

    I'll also vote for Flight Sim to be part of the next GPU/CPU Test Suite; maybe even FlightGear which is an open source flight sim, Anantech could probably get dev assistance in constructing a benchmark tool.

    And finally I just noticed that the 'page number links' at the bottom of the page; the current page number isn't highlighted enough (actually its just non-bold which is barely differentiating), I have to cursor over it to see which one isnt linked.
  • thestain - Sunday, April 25, 2010 - link

    Appears that viewing width is set at a fixed width with a whole lot of wasted space to the left and right.

    Any progress to report?
  • Drazick - Sunday, April 25, 2010 - link

    All I wish you'd include some Matlab Benchmarks.
    It's something easy (Relatively) to do and might mean a lot for some.


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