When Verizon first sent me the ONE and TWO for review, I setup both KIN on the same Live account. Much like Android’s dependency on you having a Google account for backing up a list of installed applications, Microsoft used its Live service with the KIN for total device backups and creating a complete user profile. I figured it’d just work fine to have both devices on one account.

It didn't. That was very, very bad.

I don’t think anyone at Microsoft ever expected anyone to have two of those phones at the same time. After last week’s announcement, it looks like Microsoft had even lower expectations for KIN acceptance.

While the premature death of the platform isn’t really a shock (the phones had glaring issues and ran an OS that clearly had no roadmap in a Windows Phone 7 dominated future), there were some key features Microsoft and its Danger team did better than anyone else in the smartphone market today.

Even when Palm’s future looked bleak, there were and still are elements of WebOS that we hope will someday appear in Android or iOS. The same can be said about what Microsoft did with KIN. It’s true that as a device defying categorization as either a smartphone or featurephone, KIN wasn’t around long enough to be remembered, but as a platform there are things KIN gave us that we shouldn’t forget.

What follows is an exploration of just that.

We hope that this will serve as a list of the things Microsoft did right with KIN, so that we might see these features in future smartphone platforms - including Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. We realize that although it's still selling, KIN is unquestionably dead. With any luck, Microsoft and Verizon will roll out one promised software update, and then let the short lived platform ride off into oblivion. Though this is a platform you'll likely never encounter in the real world (I know I've yet to), there's quite a bit that could still be salvaged, including one truly revolutionary feature unrivaled by any competitor today.

KINcredible Packaging
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  • squngy - Wednesday, July 14, 2010 - link

    I've seen the like of circular packaging before :)
    In slovenia one mobile carrier used to sell all of its subsidized phones in tin tubes like those.
    Recently they started to sell mobile Internet packages in a similar form:
  • Orbs - Wednesday, July 14, 2010 - link

    The comment, "In addition, there's no settings panel for the entire browser to clear cache, cookies, or history" is incorrect.

    From the home screen, swipe left to the apps pane, scroll down and tap "Settings". In "Settings" swipe right to the app-specific settings and select "Browser". In the Browser Settings, you can clear data cache, cookies and history. You can also turn cookies on/off, JavaScript on/off and browse in desktop mode if you have a need for that.
  • Smilin - Thursday, July 15, 2010 - link

    Bought one mostly for the sake of getting rid of my horrible Win 6x phone. The plan is to give it to the wife in the fall when WP7 ships. She's become familiar with it and is really looking forward to getting it.

    The phone actually rocks. It's easy to use, does the few things that it does very well, is easy (I said that), the "cloud" offering is something that bigger competitors could learn from.

    The Kin turned into a big joke I guess but I just can't get myself to join that bandwagon. I'm sorry but **I LIKE IT**.
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