I've been out in California for the past week for IDF, followed by some extra meetings with the usual suspects: AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. The information I gained from these meetings will show up in articles over the next few weeks, months and even years. I really enjoyed covering the show this year not only because of the information we had access to but also because of the new team members I was able to cover it with. This was the first IDF for both Brian and Vivek. AMD even made this IDF an awesome experience by giving us great access to Zacate after our initial encounter. I have to say that for the first time in a while I'm actually looking forward to the next tradeshow. 
For those of you who don't know, I don't employ any sales people at AnandTech. The company is strictly editorial. We have an exclusive advertising partner who handles all sales/marketing for the site. We own no share in them, and they own no share in us. While out here I met with our advertising agency who came to me with a request. They have a potential advertiser that wanted to know if we had any success stories from our readers to share with them. They are looking for stories about how reading something on AnandTech impacted you, particularly with regards to enterprise hardware/software decisions. While the request was for enterprise stories, I'm interested to hear them all if you've got one. Again what I'm looking for is a story about how something you read here impacted you or your hardware/software decisions in any way.
The stories will be shared with the potential advertiser so be sure to leave out any information that you don't want public. They are simply looking for more anecdotal evidence of the impact of AnandTech. I don't like asking for favors, but if you do have a story to share I'd appreciate it. 
I'm back in the office next week, have a great weekend!


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  • dacollins - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    I started reading Anandtech almost 10 years ago when I was just a teenager. At the time, I barely understood how a computer worked but the more I read, the more I understood. Since then, I've built many computers for myself, family and friends, all based on information I got from this website. To me Anand's hardware analysis has always been the gold standard of online (and print) reviews.

    I recently started a job managing IT for a small company and I can say without a doubt that Anandtech is reason I was able to get into this field. As I progress in my career and start making purchasing decisions for my company, I will continue to rely on this site as my primary source of hardware information. The benchmark data has always been accurate, reliable and applicable and I appreciate the fact that the articles are well written and easy to understand without watering down the nitty gritty details.

    I took a hiatus from your site for a couple years while in college, but I'm back and glad to see the site is stronger than ever. Keep up the good work, Anand and co.
  • Spazweasel - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    When the company I worked for had outgrown its home and was moving to a new, larger site, my incessant complaining about the engineering lab was rewarded with "Okay, smartass, YOU are now in charge of the engineering lab. Provisioning, HVAC, everything. Have fun." The squeaky wheel gets the kick.

    I used Anandtech as the starting point for researching the state of the art for energy-efficient computing platforms. The ability of our facility to move heat out and bring power in was limited, so selecting platforms with good performance-per-watt and physical density was critical. Selecting the right platforms, having the numbers needed for proper planning, and removing the trial-and-error aspect by starting from the right building blocks resulted in needing much less than half the energy and cooling capacity which it would have otherwise.

    Reading Anandtech articles is my primary means of keeping current with PC component technology and trends, and it was this knowledge that got me the responsibility and authority to do things right, and in the process save my company a lot of money.
  • Spazweasel - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    BTW: It's Anandtech's articles I find useful. Dailytech? It's a pit. Unless you're a company selling T-shirts with "hater" slogans on them, I wouldn't advertise there. Reply
  • cserwin - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    Amen. Reply
  • Ryestag - Saturday, September 18, 2010 - link

    Agreed. It's kinda the opposite of what Anandtech is ... Reply
  • l3bowsk1 - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    I tend to exhaustively research any consumer electronics or computer-related purchase I may be considering. Anand Tech's articles have been a deciding factor in probably 75% of those purchases - over the past 7 years or so, this has equaled around $10k or more, on products ranging from cell phones to hard drives to heatsinks and monitors. Reply
  • ZmaxDP - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    I work for a 500+ person Architecture and Construction company in Dallas, TX. I can't count how many times I've forwarded articles from Anandtech to our CTO to help guide purchasing.

    Specific examples:

    Our new laptops all have Corei5 processors instead of Corei7 solely because of your articles comparing their performance. A majority of our programs are still single threaded and the much higher turbo modes available to the i5 mobile line basically blew the i7 performance out of the water on 85% of our apps.

    Your articles on SSD's prevented a significant investment in Samsung SSDs from Dell and hopefully will get us some good sandforce or intel SSDs instead for our next round of desktops.

    Both of these examples represent 50+ computer POs.

    Our next big push in the hardware area is going to be Tablet PCs for field personnel and virtualization for HPC in the office. So, I'm looking forward to more tablet PC / MID reviews and the virtualization articles are already circulating.

  • unbellum - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    As some people have already stated, I too have shaped my purchase of an SSD based off your articles. There is a level of testing and investigating that you guys go through that simply is not seen elsewhere, and we are all better for it. Reply
  • sblantipodi - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    I started reading anandtech many many years ago,
    in this years my trust in this paper has been gaining increasing,
    now I trust anandtech.

    When I need to choose some good hardware for a new PC I read anandtech and another paper. If both papers tells the same things, I bought my hardware, if not I'll continue finding information.
    Generally Anandtech is my first choice and the first paper to trust.
    Love the huge comparisons when they release it.

    I'll hope to see this good site grow up as it worth.

    Thanks for your work, we all appreciate it here.
  • hfarberg - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    Whenever I make a hardware purchase in the PC space, I've checked Anandtech for any tips and stuff. You are my number 1 site for serious technical analysis of anything PC.

    Thank you for making this site the awesomest tech-site on the nets! I've been reading since 2000 or something :)

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