I've been out in California for the past week for IDF, followed by some extra meetings with the usual suspects: AMD, Intel and NVIDIA. The information I gained from these meetings will show up in articles over the next few weeks, months and even years. I really enjoyed covering the show this year not only because of the information we had access to but also because of the new team members I was able to cover it with. This was the first IDF for both Brian and Vivek. AMD even made this IDF an awesome experience by giving us great access to Zacate after our initial encounter. I have to say that for the first time in a while I'm actually looking forward to the next tradeshow. 
For those of you who don't know, I don't employ any sales people at AnandTech. The company is strictly editorial. We have an exclusive advertising partner who handles all sales/marketing for the site. We own no share in them, and they own no share in us. While out here I met with our advertising agency who came to me with a request. They have a potential advertiser that wanted to know if we had any success stories from our readers to share with them. They are looking for stories about how reading something on AnandTech impacted you, particularly with regards to enterprise hardware/software decisions. While the request was for enterprise stories, I'm interested to hear them all if you've got one. Again what I'm looking for is a story about how something you read here impacted you or your hardware/software decisions in any way.
The stories will be shared with the potential advertiser so be sure to leave out any information that you don't want public. They are simply looking for more anecdotal evidence of the impact of AnandTech. I don't like asking for favors, but if you do have a story to share I'd appreciate it. 
I'm back in the office next week, have a great weekend!


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  • greginator - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    Let me start this by saying Anandtech produces some of the most comprehensive, well written, and informative articles of technology ... period. Most sites mass produce one dimensional reviews that do nothing more that describe the pros and cons of superficial aspects of a product. One example of a superb Anandtech article is the review of the latest Ipod touch. All aspects of the device were analyzed. The screen was compared to the Iphones 4's screen, the quantity of RAM was scrutinized, and the general value of the device was analyzed. While most other review sites give free passes to popular companies such as Apple, Anandtech gives truly unbiased reports. Of course, as a person who builds his own desktops, I am always looking for detailed, unbiased reports on computer hardware. This is another area where Anandtech steps in. Their reviews cover all the bases when it comes to hardware reviews. I have never left a hardware review feeling that a piece of hardware was poorly covered. Reviews, however, are not the only area where Anandtech rises above the rest. Articles explaining the science behind the latest technology, various kinds of instructions, and interviews are all reasons I visit Anandtech on a daily basis. Finally, the greatest quality of Anandtech is its honesty. I know I have said it several times in the course of this comment, but Anandtech is completely non-biased. They say it exactly the way it is. Keep up the good work writers of Anandtech!


    Your SSD articles are the absolute best of the industry. My first purchase of a SSD will be determined by your reviews.
  • MacLeod1592 - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    I cant count the number of times I go to the Bench especially now that its got GPU's to compare. I used it daily when I was thinking about a new proc and bought my Phenom II X2 555 based on the benchmarks I saw here!

    Not only do I use it all the time but I constantly link to it on various forums I frequent when answering questions about build or upgrade advice. Just this week Ive linked to it a half dozen times.

    The Anandtech Bench is not only an invaluable tool, but Id go so far as to say its the most valuable tool available to gamers, overclockers and enthusiasts like us looking to tweak their systems.
  • ehume - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    Here I was a complete newbie to computer building. I'd been stuffing my Dells with upgrades, but never built a whole machine. Then my Dell desktop simply died in September 2009 after six years of steady use. A new one would take too long to arrive. So I started reading reviews.

    Anandtech had a nice rundown on all the new cpu's. The comparative performances led me to get an Intel i7 860. I loved that chip so much I got another.

    Then I read about the Gigabyte P55M-UD2 motherboard on Anandtech. Based on the high marks the reviewer gave it, I got that board. Again, it was the perfect choice.

    Anandtech helped me find the two most important parts of my new computer build. I was so happy with it that it got me started overclocking. I now overclock a similar build. Thanks Anandtech.
  • Ganesh_balan - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link


    I'd like to say a word or two about your writeups. Needless to say, SSDs were covered in-depth in almost every review/preview of yours and helped most of us around the globe make a decision on what to buy. Considering the fact that unlike hard drives wherein there are few re-known manufacturers/OEMs such as Seagate, WD, Samsung, Hitachi (and the lesser known Fujitsu, Toshiba etc.), when it comes to SSDs there are more than a dozen of them which uses several types of controllers onboard (SF, Jmicron, Marvell etc) and ultimately when it zeroes down to buying one, it is extremely hard and confusing even for the geekiest of the US! Your articles have helped us make a timely and a wise decision. I'd like to thank all the SSD manufacturers as well, to have sent Anand a sample for review!

    With regard to your benches, honestly words fail me! It makes a layman so easy to judge the prowess of a GPU/CPU or the SSD with those 20+ odd benchmarks which you must have painstakingly compiled. We used to have a Tom's list before but ever since the updations went haywire, I do not refer to them anymore. I have all the benches bookmarked so it makes me easy to suggest a component to my friends, relatives, members of the forum etc.

    HTPC cards - did I make a mention before? You have reviewed every almost every other HTPC card with loads of enthusiasm. And the review speaks for themselves!

    Take care Anand! Keep up the good work! We love you!

    PS: Darn, I missed the opportunity to meet you when you had come down to Bombay, India sometime back but there's always a next time! :D
  • Eddie313 - Friday, September 17, 2010 - link

    I come to anandtech.com really for everything, I'm always building get info on the latest hardware. Love the forums and the site. Reply
  • ArenaNinja - Saturday, September 18, 2010 - link

    I first heard of AnandTech by an Intel Sales Rep that gave a presentation at a company where I previously worked. He said it involved independent hardware reviews.

    Reading your hardware reviews has helped me out when selecting computer components. I buy pre-made computers, but I learned about making good price/performance decisions. The first real impact was me choosing an 8800GT over an 8800GTS video card. I also rely on your CPU, HDD and manufacturer reviews. Oh, your review also convinced me to buy one of Dell's UltraSharp displays. I must say it has not underperformed, and visitors will often compliment me on it.

    So here's to hoping for a long relationship, AnandTech. Live long and well.
  • jed22281 - Saturday, September 18, 2010 - link

    Without a doubt one of the "go to" sites for all things SSD....
    Anandtech really dove head-first into this area before most other tech sites, & has kept abreast for a few years now.
    It's also excellent for all things "enterprisey".... Long may you live and proper!
  • Will Robinson - Saturday, September 18, 2010 - link

    AnandTech and The Tech Report are the premiere PC hardware review sites on the Net in my opinion.
    With so much unverified information on the Internet it's an enviable status for this site to have attained.
    When AT says "It is so" I feel confident in advising my friends,family and colleagues as their "go to" guy for computer information,purchasing and troubleshooting.
    AnandTech has reached iconic status which is certainly a credit to the staff and forum contributors.
    In a world where even the TV news shows we used to trust are engaged in bias battles and political agendas it's a refreshing change to have reliability in a field that relies so much on precision and competence.
  • todoralexandrov - Saturday, September 18, 2010 - link

    I've ordered my first SSD drive on Sep 16. If it wasn't for anandtech's SSD articles this wasn't going to happen it 2010. Reply
  • don_k - Saturday, September 18, 2010 - link

    Hi there,

    Your article on Xen virtualization performance comparing performance between Xen 3.1 and 3.2 along with vmware was very helpful in demonstrating why my company should use Xen for their virtualization needs. At the time my company was in the process of testing various virtualization hypervisors, your performance results gave me something that I could show as an independent source of information and also to confirm and cross check my own tests.

    That you independently came to the same conclusion as my team did in regards to Xen and HVM performance (that Xen can run a fully virtualized OS at the same or better speed as bare metal) was instrumental.

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