It's hard to believe that almost a year ago Vinney and I got married. I'm even having a hard time believing I'm done with college :)

In order to celebrate our 1-year anniversary, which is coming up this Sunday, we've decided to take a little roadtrip down the east coast. See, for the most part whenever we drive from CT down to NC it's a "get there as fast as we can" sort of deal. But this time, we're taking things slow and enjoying the drive down - stopping in various cities, enjoying the drive, the sights, the food and most importantly, each other.

Although we left CT early this morning, our leisurely pace landed us in D.C. only a few hours ago. We'll be spending the night here and then taking our sweet time getting down to Raleigh sometime late tomorrow night. Amazingly enough, we didn't hit an ounce of traffic on the road - I was completely shocked. I think it was the first time in about a dozen trips from CT to NC that we've hit absolutely no traffic on I-95. But now that I've said that, I'm sure I'm cursed for another 12 trips of bumper-to-bumper delight :)

Our vacation has a bit of a dual purpose, one is to obviously celebrate our 1-year anniversary with each other and our families in NC, but the second purpose is to handle a bunch of house-building decisions that are best done in person. The beauty and awe of building our first house together has begun to subside, and the reality of making a lot of overly stressful decisions has set in. I'm confident that at the end of the day only the former will remain, but until then it's going to be a lot of work. There are times when I do wish that someone else were in charge of putting everything together and we'd just enjoy the final product, but I'm pretty sure someone once said something about no pain and its relationship to a lack of gain. We'll see how it turns out in the end.

That's all for now, it's an exciting day today from a product standpoint. But that's Derek's job to tell, later...

Take care :)


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  • arashakbarzadeh - Saturday, August 20, 2005 - link

    The best to both of you for many years to come...
  • Goi - Wednesday, August 17, 2005 - link

    Congrats on the 1st year. Any plans for grad school? Reply
  • SonicIce - Tuesday, August 16, 2005 - link

    its been a year already? :o Reply
  • SDA - Friday, August 12, 2005 - link

    Anand, happy almost-anniversary! Lucky with the traffic... of course, the DC Metro system seems to have been running extra poorly today to make up for it.

    Sunbird, the site does not smack of elitism at all. If you feel that it does, then you are unperceptive and/or overly defensive. Your inability to see sensible market segmentation for what it is indicates the former, your irrelevant paste in this section of the site indicates the latter. NOM, of course.

    The article that you refer to says there is no need for further products because the midrange niche is still covered by the highly capable 6600 line, with the 6200 line rounding out the budget. Your insistence that nVidia should release a new line that's more capable than the old one across the board (and cheaper!) comes across silly and petulant; nVidia can not magically pull updated, inexpensive, cool-running cards out of their collective ass. Believe me you, they would like to do that and so devastate their competition, but sadly it is beyond their power to completely overhaul their line (with budget cards beating the old midrange and midrange beating the old high end, all at nice low prices) annually. Their current idea, let the old cards (save top end, as usual) OFFICIALLY trickle down, is practical and cost-effective for them and still results in steady price declines for the buyer.

    And as an Athlon XP / Radeon 9500 owner, I assure you that I am not elitist, rich, or (gasp!) an evil elitist Apple-using Communist.
  • Sunbird - Saturday, August 13, 2005 - link

    well, I never claimed I was smart, I'm part of the unwashed masses :P Reply
  • SDA - Saturday, August 13, 2005 - link

    Being "part of the unwashed masses" doesn't imply that you're any less intelligent than those who aren't. It certainly can't count as an excuse for offering an illogical, unreasonable argument and going through the effort to repost it on Anand's page on the grounds that maybe he would like to ponder it.

    I appreciate the apology implicit in that half-hearted sarcasm, though ;-)
  • patmcfar8 - Friday, August 12, 2005 - link

    One year went by pretty fast didn't it?! I can relate as my wife and I got married one year ago on the 14th of August as well. Small world, eh? Relax and enjoy. Reply
  • judmarc - Friday, August 12, 2005 - link

    Happy first and best wishes.

    I think you'll be surprised how much remains to be done after the house is "finished." Yep, it's wonderful when it's done - the feeling of the first night in the new house, walking into the new kitchen for breakfast, etc., etc. But as someone who's still got weekends and more filled with house projects a little over a year after moving into our new home, I can tell you it doesn't slow down, it just changes. Before moving in, my girlfriend and I spent most weekends and evenings choosing appliances, floor coverings, electrical fixtures, etc. Now we do lots of gardening and yard work and are about to embark on major landscaping. (At least after it gets dark I can come in and play with my computer - just installed a new SATA2 RAID0 array:).

    Have fun building your new home. Hint: Take lots of pictures for two reasons - one, of course to laugh and enjoy the memories; two, to help you remember where all the wires, pipes, etc., are located after the walls go up.
  • Dennis Travis - Friday, August 12, 2005 - link

    Congradulations Anand and Vinney on one year together!! Reply
  • Sunbird - Thursday, August 11, 2005 - link

    Hope you have a nice trip and you will celebrate many more anniversaries. Been reading Anandtech since 2000.

    I don't even have a gf, so "no anniversary for you, come back one year!"

    Anyway, I want to paste something I wrote in the comments page of the 7600GT article for you (Anand) to read and ponder:

    "Don't know. At least they arent doing those ugly case reviews anymore, but they sure are still making me feel alienated.

    Thats first page smacks of elitism. Why can't we average people with a 5900XT (or even 5200) upgrade to say a 7600 that uses less power and thus is less noisy and easier to cool to than a 6600 or 6800?

    I wonder which of the 2 authors wrote that paragraph?

    I guess this could be a symptom of Anand and his Apple usage, cause Apple people are often very elitist. Or it could be that they want to be the upmarket tech website for people with lots of money and think Toms Hardware is better suited to us unwashed (FX 5200 weilding) masses.

    Actually, this whole new colourscheme smacks of cold sauve elitism! Not the warm yellowish homey feel of old....


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