When NVIDIA began to roll out their Ada Lovelace architecture to the workstation market, the company introduced its new flagship RTX 6000 Ada graphics card meant to offer the highest performance possible as well as its quite spectacular RTX 4000 SFF board that delivers formidable performance in a tiny package. The gap between the two solutions is vast, and on Tuesday, the company finally unveiled new products that fill it. NVIDIA's Ada Lovelace-based RTX-series professional graphics cards — the workstation-oriented RTX 4000 20GB, RTX 4500 24GB, RTX 5000 32GB, and the datacenter-bound L40S — graphics are designed for demanding graphics and artificial intelligence workloads, such as computer-aided design, digital content creation, real-time rendering, and basic simulations that are fine with FP32 precision. The new graphics...

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