Samsung Infuse

Rounding out the devices AT&T has announced this morning is the Samsung Infuse 4G, which packs a huge 4.5" Super AMOLED plus display. We're not certain what plus adds to super beyond even better sharpness and outdoor visibility. It's possible that super AMOLED plus includes a different subpixel pattern with greater density than Pentile, however we're not entirely certain yet. The device is 9mm thin, which AT&T claims is its thinnest smartphone - sure enough, the iPhone 4 is just 0.3 mm thicker. The 4.5 inch display is the largest we know of as well. It appears that AT&T is taking a nod from T-Mobile and calling HSPA+ 21 Mbps devices "4G," something that while technically is kosher now by ITU standards, really isn't as...

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