11:05PM EDT - I'll wrap it up here, write up the Q&A later if something new is said.

11:00PM EDT - Now for a photo and a QnA

10:59PM EDT - Now a video on Zen

10:59PM EDT - (all anyone is going to see is a generic PC)

10:59PM EDT - Zen boxes just off stage

10:59PM EDT - 'I could not be more proud of the engineers at AMD'

10:58PM EDT - Zen is alive and on track

10:58PM EDT - 7th Gen shipping today

10:58PM EDT - RX 480 on sale June 29th

10:57PM EDT - 'You thought 2016 was good so far? You haven't seen anything yet'

10:57PM EDT - Will have to wait a few months for something more

10:57PM EDT - Very early in bringup

10:57PM EDT - Embedded is important too

10:57PM EDT - 8th Gen notebook will be Zen

10:56PM EDT - Server samples to high profile customers in weeks, wider sampling in 3rd Quarter

10:56PM EDT - Obviously an engineering sample

10:55PM EDT - 8C/16T, AM4 Desktop, 40% more IPC

10:55PM EDT - Summit Ridge APU, video was on Zen silicon

10:54PM EDT - There's a chip on stage

10:53PM EDT - (early pre-alpha is my addition, I assume)

10:53PM EDT - Tapeout earlier this year, early pre-alpha qualification

10:53PM EDT - The industry needed a new high performance CPU

10:53PM EDT - Zen

10:52PM EDT - OK one more thing being discussed

10:52PM EDT - No release dates?

10:52PM EDT - Going over RX / Polaris and 7th Gen

10:51PM EDT - Lisa Su back on stage

10:49PM EDT - A9, A10, A12, and Radeon R7 445

10:49PM EDT - Dell Inspiron 5000 Series starting at $399

10:49PM EDT - Ray Wah, VP Consumer Product from Dell

10:48PM EDT - Didn't actually say the name. But it's the HP Envy x360

10:48PM EDT - AMD Graphics in HP Omen desktop products

10:47PM EDT - Now VR

10:47PM EDT - Fast charging: 90% in 90 minutes

10:47PM EDT - 9hrs battery

10:47PM EDT - IR Camera for log on

10:47PM EDT - Fully convertible

10:46PM EDT - Directly bonded screen

10:45PM EDT - Now the premium product

10:45PM EDT - A9 to A12 with discrete graphics

10:45PM EDT - Millennials want products that match their style

10:44PM EDT - Josephine Tan, VP Consumer PRoduct Management from HP on stage

10:42PM EDT - Well, the just closed Lionhead, right?

10:42PM EDT - MS Studios is very busy

10:41PM EDT - Want to make W10 feel more connected

10:41PM EDT - New features in the anniversary on W10 update

10:40PM EDT - on Win10

10:39PM EDT - Over 9 billion hours of gaming since launch

10:39PM EDT - Cortana has answered 6 billion questions

10:39PM EDT - On track for 1b in the future

10:39PM EDT - Ryan: Show of hands of who likes Windows 10

10:39PM EDT - Over 300m active devices using Win10

10:38PM EDT - Only a few people put up their hands to those running W10

10:38PM EDT - Deep collaboration to make W10 as great as possible

10:38PM EDT - One of the first people to call Matt about W10 in development was AMD

10:37PM EDT - Bringing W10 features and premium experience to more and more users

10:36PM EDT - Matt Perry, Partner Group Manager at Microsoft on stage

10:36PM EDT - Talking A9, aka Stoney Ridge

10:35PM EDT - 1 in 4 notebooks are under $400

10:35PM EDT - Now talking value segment

10:35PM EDT - AMD"s branding is all on '7th Gen'

10:34PM EDT - Productivity and Efficiency Demo

10:33PM EDT - DDR4, better AVFS

10:33PM EDT - Over +50% CPU perf in Cinebench compared to FX-7500 / Kaveri

10:32PM EDT - LOL is bigger than DOTA2 in Taiwan I think

10:32PM EDT - Now League of Legends

10:31PM EDT - A couple of demos. Video streaming and gaming

10:31PM EDT - New 7th gen at the same power offers +50% GPU perf over an i5-6500U

10:29PM EDT - 4K and HEVC support, top to bottom support

10:29PM EDT - We want to be in every pixel

10:29PM EDT - Dell and HP will announce products

10:28PM EDT - over 3b transistors for Bristol Ridge

10:28PM EDT - Announcing 7th Gen

10:27PM EDT - 1st Gen was Llano in 2011

10:27PM EDT - That's about 2.5B hours/day

10:27PM EDT - ' We want all of those 10 trillion seconds to count'

10:26PM EDT - '10 Trillion seconds of PC use every day'

10:25PM EDT - Jim Anderson, SVP GM Computing and Graphics

10:25PM EDT - Now up, APU

10:24PM EDT - Entire GPU stack info is coming out in the next few weeks

10:24PM EDT - Ryan: Are we still going to have vendors seriously pitch multi-GPU given all of the problems in the past year?

10:24PM EDT - 'Polaris is a giant step forward'

10:23PM EDT - 1080p Max settings I think

10:22PM EDT - The one on the right is GTX 1080 for $700, the one on the left for under $500

10:22PM EDT - Two live demos of Ashes at $700

10:21PM EDT - Now a stab at $700 products

10:20PM EDT - Doom will have exclusive features on Polaris... ?

10:20PM EDT - 'Won't need a $700 to enjoy Doom at high frame rates'

10:20PM EDT - HDR support in id Tech 6

10:19PM EDT - Polaris + Vulkan will allow people to play Doom on their laptop on the train home

10:19PM EDT - Doom developers on video talking about Polaris and Doom on Vulkan

10:18PM EDT - RX480 is designed to deliver premium experiences

10:17PM EDT - Freesync, Async Compute and mGPU

10:17PM EDT - Radeon Software + DX12 + Vulkan + GPU open

10:16PM EDT - 150W

10:16PM EDT - DP 1.3 and DP 1.4

10:15PM EDT - $199 is the 4GB GDDR5 edition

10:15PM EDT - over 5 TFlops in a $199 card

10:15PM EDT - "Built like a $500 card"

10:15PM EDT - RX480

10:15PM EDT - Build for premium gaming

10:14PM EDT - $199


10:13PM EDT - Deliver High perf, low cost, low power: then VR for everyone

10:13PM EDT - Ryan: So after bringing down video card costs, bringing down headset costs will need to be the next big effort

10:13PM EDT - But also VR development on a large scale is needed

10:13PM EDT - AMD's goal is to power the next 100m VR gamers, and they want it today

10:12PM EDT - Most gamers consider VR equipment too expensive and gamers get left behind

10:11PM EDT - only 1% of 1.3b gamers can do VR because most users buy GPUs at $100-$300

10:11PM EDT - The problem with VR is that for most people, it's something they read about but do not experience

10:10PM EDT - Getting updates to gamers ASAP

10:10PM EDT - VR for the first 100m consumers

10:10PM EDT - Making the next 250m PC Gamers

10:10PM EDT - The vision for PC Gaming

10:09PM EDT - PC Gamers adapt to technologies

10:09PM EDT - Three principles: Passion, Persistence and Play

10:08PM EDT - 'How can we get market share in PC gaming and graphics? was a goal'

10:08PM EDT - SVP and Chief Architect of Radeon Technology Group (RTG)

10:07PM EDT - Raja Koduri on stage

10:07PM EDT - Talking about Polaris, 7th Gen and the future

10:07PM EDT - Going to discuss 7th Gen APUs

10:06PM EDT - Goal is to lead the GPU industry for 10 yeas

10:06PM EDT - 9 months since RTG

10:06PM EDT - About immersion and interactivity

10:06PM EDT - 'Delivering immersive experiences'

10:05PM EDT - CPU: Bristol Ridge and Stoney Ridge, Second-Gen Excavator. http://www.anandtech.com/show/10362/amd-7th-generation-apu-bristol-ridge-stoney-ridge-for-notebooks

10:05PM EDT - graphics and compute

10:05PM EDT - GPUs: Radeon RX 480, $199, June 29th. http://www.anandtech.com/show/10389/amd-teases-radeon-rx-480-launching-june-29th-for-199

10:05PM EDT - AMD is about leadership and technology

10:05PM EDT - Last year, first HBM GPU

10:05PM EDT - Along with this live conference, AMD news about GPUs and CPUs has just hit the wire

10:05PM EDT - 'Practically every console has an AMD APU in it'

10:04PM EDT - The mission

10:04PM EDT - Lisa Su on stage

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  • davegraham - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Raja is boring to listen to. seriously. this is painful.
  • tipoo - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Not like either GPU company is known for its oration, lol.
  • IlllI - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    I'm rooting for team red, I always like the underdog. But I wonder if this story has any merrit http://www.hardocp.com/article/2016/05/27/from_ati... it worries me..
  • davegraham - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Kyle is butthurt. sorry. I'm not exactly enthralled with his level of leadership but there you have it. also, I'd point to their almost 100% stock price increase over the last month or two that shows some fiduciary promise in what AMD is trying to deliver. the 199 segment IS the most popular and it's notable that nVidia didn't position anything in that space. So, goodness all around.

    besides, AMD's bespoke x86 CPU business has their hands full with some interesting new designs for later this year. ;)
  • 3ogdy - Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - link

    Look, look, look, I've just read the entire article and this sums it up perfectly:
    " HardOCP was not invited to this weekend’s launch in Macau as AMD PR has made a decision to no longer brief this site with the rest of the industry."

    Butthurt, much?
  • extide - Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - link

    Well, we will have to see how that plays out. He has made a lot of pretty serious claims in that article, so ... we will see. I am not ready to say he is right, or call BS on it yet. It's too early.

    Although, I have to say, why do so many people feel like AMD failed because the chip they chose to build and release is not as fast as GP104? I mean they targeted an entirely different segment with what they built, and it looks like the succeeded in their goals. They made a part that will sell in high volume and greatly increase their marketshare, which is EXACTLY what they wanted to do. They don't have the resources to design many chips at once, so we will have to wait for a little bit until we can see AMD competing at the high end again. So many people think AMD has just given up at the high end or has relegated itself to being a bargain brand. All of that is such BS, it's so hilarious some of the stuff that comes out of nvidiots' mouths.
  • waldoh - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    yawn it's a $199 gtx 980.
  • Wreckage - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    More like a $199 970, which you could already get off ebay.

    This is AMD giving up.
  • The_Countess - Thursday, June 2, 2016 - link

    no it's a 980, with better dx12 performance and a MUCH lower power draw for 200 dollars, and under warranty.

    this is AMD hitting nvidia were it hurts. basically they just killed nvidia's sales of anything below the 1070 for the next few months.

    and then at the end of the year, early next year we get vega which will blow the 1080 out of the water as its a chip more then twice the size of the 1080.
  • close - Thursday, June 2, 2016 - link

    What? I paid just over $100 for my GTX 980 OC. Nvidia should just stop manufacturing new 980s and manufacture used ones so we can buy them straight from eBay for cheap and brag about it...

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