MSI this week has announced two new products to add to its gaming peripherals lineup: the Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset, as well as new Vigor GK40 keyboard. Along with that, they have paired the new Vigor Keyboard and existing Clutch GM10 Gaming Mouse together for ease of purchase. MSI’s aim with the new products and combo is to provide more options for the mainstream gamers and include complimentary parts from their product stack into a one-stop solution for a gaming mouse and keyboard.

GH60 Gaming Headset

The Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset is an over the ear type using a solid stainless steel design and flexible suspension headband that is intended to fit many head sizes and have a comfortable fit. Its ear cups swivel for comfort as well as easy carry and storage capabilities. The ear pads are swappable and MSI includes a set of cloth ear cups as well so users are able to choose their preference. Outside of the steel framing, the suspension headband, ear cups, and other structures are black with the familiar MSI Gaming dragon in red on the outside of both ear cups. A gaming headset wouldn’t be complete without a microphone and while it is permanently attached it is retractable and can hide inside the unit when not in use.

Specs wise, the GH60 uses a single 50mm Neodymium driver in each ear cup and yields a frequency response of 20 Hz ~ 40 kHz with an impedance of 32 Ohm. The unidirectional microphone is able to capture frequencies from 100 Hz ~ 10 kHz. Connecting the GH60 to a PC is a 2M braided cable to with a gold plated 3.5” headphone jack at the end. Inline is a remote control offering volume control and muting the microphone.

MSI did not mention the price but it will be available January 2018.

Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset
Connector 3.5mm headphone jack
Cable Gold Plated and Braided / 2M Length / Low Resistance
Driver 50mm Neodymium
Speaker Sensitivity (SPL) 96 dB ± 3 dB
Speaker Impedance 32 Ω
Speaker Frequency Response 20 Hz ~ 40 kHz
Pick-Up Pattern Unidirectional
Microphone Frequency Response 100 Hz ~ 10kHz
Microphone Sensitivity -40 dB ± 3 dB
Microphone Impedance 2.2k Ω

Vigor GK40 and GK40 Combo with Clutch GM10 Gaming Mouse

MSI has also launched the new Vigor GK40 Gaming Keyboard that features ‘mechanical-like’ keystrokes from a membrane-based keyboard. The GK40 is a full sized keyboard including a number pad and a large palm rest for comfortable gaming. The keys have anti-ghosting capability with up to 20 keys for a conflict-free gaming experience. The keyboard is also water repellant hopefully preventing damage from the inevitable spill on the keyboard. It has multi-color backlit keys with four levels of brightness adjustment, and eight different light effects across six regions which can all be controlled through their Mystic Light application.

The GM10 Gaming Mouse is an unassuming device by mouse standards is a four-button device with a web wheel and on-the-fly DPI adjustment buttons along with the two standard. It has an asymmetric design and dragon scale anti-slip grip is made for right-handed users, though it looks like a lefty could be OK with it as the design doesn’t look too asymmetric and awkward.

The Pixart ADSN-5712 optical sensor has four built-in instant DPI settings, 800/1000(default)/1600/2400, which can be set without software. While the main key switches are not listed but are said to provide 10 Million+ clicks. The integrated LEDs are found in the web wheel (up to four colors) and the Red Dragon. The Dragon logo has a breathing effect while the web wheel color matches the DPI (blue, red, green, and purple). The GM10 connects to the PC via a 1.8m USB cable.

MSI has grouped the GK40 keyboard and GM10 mouse into one package in order to simplify the purchase of a gaming keyboard and mouse. The packaging will show Vigor GK40 Combo on it as well as picture the mouse to discern itself from just the keyboard package itself which looks remarkably similar. 

No mention of pricing but these I'd expect the combo to be relatively inexpensive since it is geared towards the mainstream and isn't a mechanical keyboard or fancy RGB multi-button mouse. These are also said to be available in January.

Vigor GK40 Keyboard
Model Vigor GK40 Gaming Keyboard
Main Key Switches Membrane switches (Mechanical-like)
Keyboard Interface USB
Normal Keys Stand 104 keys / 105 keys / 108 keys
Dimensions (mm) 472 x 207 x 39
Windows Support / Requirements Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 - System with USB Support
Backlight 6-region RGB illumination, supports MSI Mystic Light
Weight 1056g
Clutch GM10 Gaming Mouse
Sensor PixArt ADSN-5712
Sensor Type Optical
DPI Switch 800 / 1000 (default) / 1600 / 2400
Color Black
Buttons 4
Response Time 1ms
Main Key Switches 10 Million+ clicks
LED Light Red Dragon LED / Wheel (four colors)
Lighting Effects Logo LED: Breathing effect
Wheel LED: by DPI (800 Blue / 1000 Red / 1600 Green / 2400 Purple)
Cable / Interface 1.8m / USB
Dimensions (mm) / Weight (G) 125 x 64 x 42 / 104g
Operating System Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

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Source: MSI

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  • Dragonstongue - Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - link

    headset looks remarkably similar to Siberia V3 or superlux 662 especially, hopefully the background ambient noise suppression is top notch as the best I have ever personally used are the razer kraken v2 pro, however, they are fugly when wearing them and the earcups themselves are not quite as deep as looks give them, not to mention they use very thin 2 sided tape to hold the material on.

    hyperx cloud2/cloudx ambient noise is not as amazing as some folks claim it to be (earcups are not deep enough so pads are not thick enough to really absorb anything) the mentioned superlux 662 claim "excellent noise attenuation" they do VERY little in this regard.

    if a maker of these things bothered am sure they could make truly excellent noise suppression with varying layers of material (good cup depth with enough room for 90+% of ear types, thick enough padding that is easily removed for cleaning, different layers of closed and open type foams so can absorb high and low noise type deal)

    As for the keyboard it looks nice, however, one thing I do not like about the keyboards that use lighting, it is just another thing to fail in time and every keyboard I have ever seen that use the lighting, without the light on, the keys are nigh on impossible to read vs "standard" keys that are well built using engraved type lettering which tend to last MUCH longer.

    had a steel series/ideazon merc keyboard that lasted me ~10 years before it finally gave out, loved it to bits, sadly the replacement merc stealth was no where close to as durable (i.e cheaply made)

    They should have made the mouse able to do up to ~8k dpi, while 2400 is not "terrible" I would not consider it a high end mouse beyond some of the specs, seems like a let down even more so because of that, likely will not be low cost either.

    anyways :D
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer - Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - link

    When they say "mechanical-like", do they mean:

    1) It's a membrane keyboard, but the tactile bump is really light, so it kind of feels like a linear switch that you have to bottom out to actuate, missing the point of using a linear mechanical switch?
    2) It's a membrane keyboard with a noticeable tactile bump, so one could argue that it feels like a Cherry MX Clear or Input Club Halo switch, except that you again have to bottom it out, missing the point once again?
    3) It's a membrane keyboard with some kind of click-producing mechanism which might or might not correspond to the point where the key actuates?
  • DanNeely - Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - link

    You forgot one:

    4) It's a membrane keyboard that feels like a membrane keyboard but is significantly more expensive.
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer - Friday, February 2, 2018 - link

    That's pretty much what you're getting with 2).
  • Lord of the Bored - Thursday, February 1, 2018 - link

    It is a membrane keyboard with a plastic frame on the plunger so the keys don't wobble as much.
  • Old_Fogie_Late_Bloomer - Friday, February 2, 2018 - link

    Oh God, you're right. So, in practice, it's somewhere between 1) and 2) and looks like you can swap out the awful-looking caps for other Cherry-compatible ones. Dunno why you'd go to the bother, though...

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