With a pretty crazy live Google+ stream from skydivers wearing Project Glass, Sergey Brin introduced Project Glass. We've already heard some of the details, including the presence of an onboard camera, sensors (gyro, accelerometer, compass), onboard radios, and so forth. Project Glass has two goals - sharing imagery, and getting rapid access to information. Capturing imagery through the point of view of the user is part of that first goal, along with scenes and parts of life that wouldn't normally be accessible with a traditional camera. 

Today, Google is announcing Glass Explorer Edition, which is available for preorder at Google I/O for US based attendees for $1500, with shipping early next year. This is not a consumer electronic but intended to start development of applications for Project Glass. Sergey mentioned that the device will not be perfect and might be occasionally rough, but this is the very first time anyone will get to play with Google Glass. 

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  • HisDivineOrder - Thursday, June 28, 2012 - link

    They sell you the glasses and offer you the service for a subsidized price. They put in the EULA that they retain the right to use the video you capture to add to their products and services. Suddenly, Google Maps adds Real-Time Video to its options and offers you real time video of an area you're investigating. You think zooming down to see your car parked at your house or your buddy sitting on his porch drinking a Cheerwine naked as the day God plopped him out the anus of glory, well imagine seeing it in motion!

    Instead of just using Google Maps to plot out your map and get an "estimated traffic" based on the average conditions, you get "estimated traffic" based on the real-time traffic that you can see from the view of someone who's there waiting in line. Multiple people in fact.

    Your kid out and you want to find out where she is? Log into your parental tool and take control of her glasses, seeing she's actually making out with her best friend,s instead of working at her job or doing her homework.

    When the government needs to find you, subpoena to gain access to his glasses and use them to find him. Most criminals are idiots and a lot of them facebook. I'm sure many'll forget their wearing trackers on their face. Of course, perhaps we might all jack in to watch him get busted by the police. Some jacking into the guy himself, some jacking into the bystanders who have all gathered to gawk and point at the guy.

    I'm personally much more interested when they make one of these that can beam images straight into my head, so Google can EULA the right to beam ideas and thoughts about using certain services and companies directly into my mind. Because the worst part about "Think different" for most people was that they were being asked to think. Let's just take that out of the equation, right?
  • blandge - Friday, June 29, 2012 - link

    But... but.... Don't be evil.

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